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Human & Business Skills Training

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Our markets are demanding higher flexibility and our clients require higher competitiveness. Consequently, companies must adapt to these trends by increasing their competence level in cross-cultural communication, foreign language training, management and negotiation styles, as well as find solutions and innovative tactics that guarantee success. We trust that some of these programs help you find your solution, and if they do not adapt to your circumstances, we will customize it.


Note: All these modules are delivered in English. Due to the specific requirements of these modules and its customization, we recommend not to have more than 12 participants per program.

CON-01 Presentations Skills 16-32 HRS Intermediate
CON-02 Effective Meetings 16 HRS Any Level
CON-03 Negotiations Skills 16 HRS Intermediate
CON-04 Writing for Business 8-16 HRS Intermediate
CON-05 Social Business Scenarios: Introductions, meals, "small-talk"… 8 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-06 English Pronunciation and Voicing Tips 16 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-07 Video Conferencing & Telephone-Based Business Relations 8 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-08 Understanding Our English Clients’ Perceptions. Customer Care Excellence 16-32 HRS Intermediate
CON-09 Human Resources. HR Consulting 16 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-10 Going the Extra Mile & Showing it 16 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-11 Effective Communication 16-32 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-12 Being Articulate, Credible, & Convincing 16 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-13 Public Speaking 8-16 HRS Pre-intermediate
CON-14 Preparation of CV's & Job Interviews 16-32 HRS Pre-intermediate

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