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Instructions to make the best use of the English Classes


1) Before the course starts, you will need to provide us with your name, a land line number -or your Skype contact information,- and your email address so we can contact you. Optional: If you only have a cell phone / mobile number, you will need to call your trainer. In this case, remember that if you phone at a different time as scheduled, whether it be earlier or later, the teacher has other classes and will not be able to accommodate. In other words, if you phone 15 minutes late for your 20 minute class, your class will only be 5 minutes long.

2) The Telephone Class consists of a 30 minute class speaking with the trainer for 20 minutes, where the teacher is taking notes, followed by a report at the end of the class with mistakes they have noted and the corrections as well as an article or exercise to read. Optional: A full 30 minute class speaking with the teacher is also available, although this type of class does not observe the possibility of having a log of the corrections and notes.

3) If you expect positive results, it is very important to prepare for the class. So, if the teacher sends an article to read you should really have read it.


1) Prepare the text, video link, or email you have received from your trainer with the instructions for the class

2) Receive a call from your teacher and conduct a role-play or discussion –Skype is also optional

3) Review your Report with new Vocabulary and Expressions, as well as any pertinent Grammar issues

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